I am really impressed with the job you did this summer! I have talked to several foster parents who raved on and on about SWAGG and later showed up at the Just 4 U closet while I was volunteering. Very impressive program you’re running!
— Charlotte
Nikki, please accept our sincere thanks for the Christmas gifts you so lavishly blessed my seven children with. I cannot thank you enough. Christmas morning at the May household will be a wonderful time with lots of ...ooooohs and aaaaahs ....and I am so looking forward to seeing the faces of these children. I appreciate your ministry in caring for “the least of these”. Thanks for helping foster parents to lighten the burden from month to month as we care for them. Richest blessings for this joyful season and may God continue to guide you in the new year.
— Wilma
Mr. and Mrs. Ranson are the founders and are adoptive parents themselves. I can attest that they demonstrate integrity, heart and walk what they talk.
— Regenia
I want to thank Ms. Nikki, and her family for helping me make ends meet with more than 9 kids this year. It truly has been SWAGGtastic! May God continue to Bless & keep you all year
— Virginia
The baby wipes are amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It is such a blessing as I see both my boys wearing jackets today and nice church shirts that came from SWAGG. We couldn’t have done it without SWAGG!
— Miranda
Thank you so much for blessing our family with the SWAGG Store. We hope to get to participate in some activities with you soon. Our two new girls had so much joy from their shopping experience. They were so excited to show off their new things when they got home. God bless!
— Jennifer
The SWAGG program is truly a blessing to me. The assistance provided is awesome and much appreciated. Not only do I receive basic necessities like diapers, wipes, clothes, and toys, but I also receive great parenting tips. As a first time parent, I need all the advice and help possible. On one of my visits I expressed how I was having problems with my newly placed 1 year old sleeping through the night and the recommendation I received was exactly what I needed. Each month I look forward to my visits not only for supplies, like much needed diapers but the conversation and support. Thank you for being there for me and my child. Thanks!
— Candace
I would like to thank God for SWAGG. They have been a personal friend to my family by helping our foster kids and myself through the economical times that we live in. It is just a blessing to have some supporting hands. I thank God for SWAGG and their complete staff for helping us.
— The Brewer Family
I love you and love your action oriented nature and compassion to do what many think about but don’t act on !
— Felecia Walls
Thank you and your program. My family had a blast at Hawaiian Falls and the kids loved it! They did not want to leave. We also had fun and enjoyed the time away from home. The kids are still talking about the water and rides. Thanks again!
— Verdell Anthony
SWAGG Programs has been such a blessing to our family and I am so amazed by what the Lord is doing in and through this ministry. We will be bringing donations to you as often as we can. May God receive all the glory for your service and work through Him. Blessings !
— Mindy Sterling
Thank you so very much. Goodness. It was overwhelming to say the least. I know there have to be a very long list of contributors to thank for their investment in each family they’re impacting. Will you pass along our heartfelt appreciation?
— The Baker Family
I just wanted to say thank you again for letting me come and get things for Gavin & Makayla yesterday. What a blessing! They are loving the bikes and being able to get the other items is such a help. You have an amazing ministry! Blessing to you and your staff. Merry Christmas!
— Hannah Jarboe