Our programs stimulate the minds of our SWAGGers and give them the courage to explore their own interests, skills, and talents. Through innovative thinking, they are able to transform their current situations into opportunities to be successful with Serenity, Wisdom, Agility, Grace, and Guidance. 

Art Expressions and Recreation Program

Our activities are centered on exposing our SWAGGers to different cultures, museums, and recreations. These experiences allow them to freely discover their feelings in a creative manner that builds self-esteem and self-value. They enhance self-awareness, social interaction and assist them in expressing themselves in a productive manner. While learning in a safe environment, SWAGGers are able to expand their horizons in an enjoyable, constructive manner with SWAGG. 

“The Beauty in Me” SWAGGers Program

Our Annual Tea Party allows our girls to come together to explore the beauty that is inside of them. Together the girls identify characteristics about themselves and others that allow them to feel confident and boost their self-esteem. They are encouraged to seek change, excellence, hope, faith and love in a way that promotes a concrete foundation of Serenity, Wisdom, Agility, Grace, and Guidance.   

“The Man to Be” SWAGGers Program

Our Annual Game Night entices our male SWAGGers to reach beyond their comfort zone. Confidence is instilled in them that gives them the strength needed to challenge themselves. They are motivated to envision a whole new world of possibilities and are equipped with strategies to seek different avenues to achieve their goals. They are able to celebrate their uniqueness, knowledge, and intellect with SWAGG. 

"SWAGG Bags" Program

swagg bags.jpg

Our program is designed to give children the means to transition to their new environment with a durable bag full of personal items and accessories. SWAGG offers them an opportunity to fill this bag with hygiene items, underwear, socks, and a keepsake to remind them of the Serenity, Wisdom, Agility, Grace, and Guidance that is available to them.   (First Time Shoppers age 6 and up)

"Prom Prep Day" Program

Our program offers juniors and seniors an opportunity to get prepared for their upcoming school prom. They are able to receive attire, footwear, and additional accessories to wear the night of the prom. They engage in classes that are geared toward having a successful prom experience. We ensure they are ready to enjoy their prom with dignity and SWAGG.  

"Orphan Awareness" Program 

Our program exists to bring light and awareness to our surrounding community that there is an increasing number of children in need of a “home”. One that provides consistency, comfort, guidance, morals, nourishment, and love. We encourage and challenge our community to provide homes that offer SWAGG. 

                                                          "Holiday Support" Program

Our SWAGGers have the opportunity to sign up for additional support during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. They receive Thanksgiving Care Packages and their children’s Christmas Wishes are placed on our Community Angel Trees. SWAGG holds an Annual Christmas Social inviting all sponsors and recipients to fellowship while the parents secretly pick up the unwrapped gifts and the children enjoy activities and refreshments.