All donations are used to provide clothing, hygiene items, and needed resources to foster and homeless children. Our volunteers do not receive monetary payment for their contributions and expertise to our programs.


Most children who enter the system have little to no belongings. They report to their new placements with a trash bag, if not empty handed. These children are confused and fearful of their next steps. SWAGG provides them with belongings of their own and an opportunity to feel empowered by making their own clothing choices by allowing children the chance to choose 3 to 6 outfits, undergarments, and needed personal hygiene items. We also have additional items, such as school supplies, lunch kits, shoes, accessories, etc.

We are committed to ensuring that foster and homeless children’s basic needs are met, that they have positive experiences that boost their self-esteem, and that they have a reliable support system that provides serenity, wisdom, agility, grace, and guidance. We invite you to support SWAGG and its’ efforts to make a difference in the lives of foster and homeless children.  


SWAGG Programs host fun activities and events for children to experience.  Sponsor an activity, donate resources/ needed items, and/or money to fund a Swaggtastic Event for the children to experience.



SWAGG Programs provides children with clothing, undergarments, hygiene items, and more.  Sponsor a Donation Drive to collect backpacks, hygiene items, packages of underwear/ socks, gift cards, and school supplies.


Evan is a brilliant young boy with a huge heart! He believes all children should experience the joy of receiving toys. In 2015 & 2016 he hosted his birthday party to benefit the children of SWAGG Programs. The many toys and kid friendly items he received were donated to SWAGG.

Can you imagine never having a birthday party? Every month, a homeless or foster child experiences this sad reality. We challenge you to participate in #evansbirthdaychallenge and host a party during your birth month to receive items to donate. We have monthly parties honoring our SWAGGers at different venues within the community because we believe every child deserves to experience the joy of a "birthday party". This small gesture can help boost the self-esteem of a child in need.


Through your regular online shopping at Amazon choose SWAGG Programs as your charity to receive a small portion of every purchase!

Program Highlights, Service Numbers and more.....

“Initial Placement” Program

(1055+ children served since July 2016)

"SWAGG Store” Program

(6700+ children served since January 2016)

“SWAGG Bags” Program

(1985+ children served since February 2016)

“Prom Prep Day” Program

(180+ children served since April 2015)   

 “The Man to Be” SWAGGers Program (Annual Game Night) 
(170+ boys served April 2016)  

 “The Beauty in Me” SWAGGers Program (Annual Tea Party) 
(185+ girls served since May 2015)

Art Expressions and Recreation Program
(1800+ children served since June 2015)

 “Orphan Awareness” Program

(520+ children served since November 2015)

 “Parent SWAGG” Program

(110+ parents served since November 2015)  

 “Holiday Support” Program  

(4200+ children served since November 2015)  

Service Numbers

# of children served 6400+
# of volunteer hours served 1600+