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December Shopping Days

Welcome to another month of SWAGGtastic shopping!


Due to the holidays and our planned activities within the community, we have limited hours this month. Please check your calendars and plan accordingly. 


We minister to one family at a time, every 30 minutes. 

  • Submit an Information Form, per child (first time only).

  • Schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

  • Bring placement paperwork for Initial Placements/ First Time Foster Children.

  • Arrive on time to respect everyone's schedule.

In respect of everyone's time, if you schedule an appointment and you are a no-show- you will not be allowed to schedule an appointment the following month. It is crucial that appointments are kept or rescheduled so others may benefit.

I thank God for ALL you do to take care of His children!

May our family be of support and encouragement to your family as you do God's work!