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July Shopping Days

Welcome to another month of SWAGGtastic shopping!

We support foster and homeless children by creating experiences that boost their self-esteem and motivate them to set goals to become independent and self-sufficient.

Due to your support and the community's involvement, our SWAGG Store is able to make changes!

  • Full Store Assistance (Initial Placements within the first 30 days) (Homeless: monthly) (Foster & Adopted Children: Quarterly)
  • Diaper/ Pull-Up/ Hygiene Assistance (monthly: foster and adopted children)
  • Shopping Donations are greatly appreciated, but not required
  • Shopping Hours: Wednesday-Thursday 2-5pm and Friday 10am-3pm

Our procedures are the same. We still minister to one family at a time so:


  • Submit an Information Form, per child (first time only)
  • Schedule an appointment that is convenient for you
  • Bring placement paperwork for Initial Placements/ First Time Foster Children
  • Arrive on time to respect everyone's schedule

I thank God for ALL you do to take care of His children!  May our family be of support and encouragement to your family as you do God's work! 

Have a SWAGGtastic Day! See you soon!