Having a title of honor, respect, and reverence for yourself and others


Having experiences, knowledge, and discernment to enhance your quality of life


Having the ability to think & draw conclusions quickly; possessing  intellectual acuity


Having forgiveness, compassion, and mercy for others


Having access to advice, counseling, and assistance

God Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.

Our Purpose:  

To support foster and homeless children by creating experiences that boost their self-esteem and motivate them to set goals to become independent and self-sufficient.

Our Goal:                        

To create a reliable support system that encourages and prepares foster and homeless children to be successful through programs that meet their everyday needs.

Our Mission:           

To assist foster and homeless children in creating a standard of excellence that promotes Serenity, Wisdom, Agility, Grace, and Guidance developed through comprehensive programs.

Most children who enter the system have little to no belongings. They report to their new placements with a trash bag, if not empty handed. These children are confused and fearful of their next steps. They are placed with strangers and are unaware of their surroundings, living areas, schools, and do not have anything to call their own.

These children need a strong foundation to stand on. They deserve a reliable support system: someone to meet their basic needs, help them to discover their strengths, and boost their self-esteem. SWAGG provides them with belongings of their own and an opportunity to feel empowered by making their own clothing choices and providing them with a personal SWAGG Bag for their items.

SWAGG allows children the chance to choose 3 to 6 outfits, undergarments, and needed personal hygiene items. We also have additional items, such as school supplies, back packs, shoes, accessories, etc. In addition, they are granted the opportunity to discover and develop their own identity through our comprehensive programs and support.

Statistics clearly capture the sad realization that children without guidance and support will not succeed. SWAGG provides a reliable support system of Serenity, Wisdom, Agility, Grace, and Guidance. 

~ Nikeesia N. Ranson, CEO/ Founder

~ Nikeesia N. Ranson, CEO/ Founder